Food Pantry

Islah LA understands that being located in the Slauson/Crenshaw community means that the families we service are living in a food desert. These food deserts are urban areas in which it is difficult to buy high-quality fresh and healthy food. In 2019, the LA Food Bank reported that there are 2,000,000 persons facing food insecurity on a daily basis, that equals 1 in 5 people in LA county, including 573,000 children. In a direct response to this reality, Islah LA started a weekly food pantry that service the local neighborhood of 90043 and surrounding areas.

Islah LA has recently partnered with Mark Ridely-Thomas’ office and The Shower of Hope to provide a weekly mobile shower during our food pantry hours. Through this collaboration the Islah campus has hosted over 238 showers.

Through our dedicated community partnership with Islamic Relief, the Islah LA food pantry has been able to grow into a reliable source of fresh, healthy foods and has been funded to hire employees to help handle proper management of the pantry.